Terri Hendrick

I’m a professional mom and amateur runner. After losing sight of my own health and fitness while raising a family, I jumped back into running — and injuries. But I’ve learned a lot and am so much happier for it. I am back running with a vengeance and look forward to sharing my success and yours!

Sideview or brown leather Softwalk Rocklin Chelsea Boot for plantar fasciitis

Can you wear dress shoes if you’re a plantar fasciitis sufferer? Or are you stuck with walkers and over-cushioned sneakers? Find out as I explore the options offered by makers like Vionic and others who claim to deliver on style and comfort with their best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Photo of top and bottom of the Superfeet Blue Orthotic insoles - a leading plantar fasciitis insole

Adding the best plantar fasciitis insoles to your shoes can eliminate pain and let you wear the style and fashion you want – making you and your feet happy! Learn more about the most popular and best recommended insoles available for your feet.

Sideview photo of Asics Gel Kayano 21 one of the most popular and best running shoes for plantar fasciitis in teal and purple and yellow accents.

Let’s find the best running shoe to eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis and get you back to running! I’ve included some of the best and most recommended sneakers from well known brands with a proven track record and numerous positive customer reviews – along with my personal thoughts, opinions and experience – to help you find the right pair of running shoes for your happy feet. Check out my guide and get your feet happy and hopping again!

Sideview of Brooks Addiction Walker orthopedic shoe in white for plantar fasciitis

When your heels are sending bolts of pain through your body because of plantar fasciitis, every step is a challenge and every moment on your feet an agony.¬†Finding the best […]