About Her Happy Feet


My name is Terri and I am a mother, a wife and a long distance runner. I’ve been running for most of my life. First, to catch up to my older brother Seth who I adored and idolized.¬†Shortly after that, in cross country meets and road races. I competed through high school and college. Running was (and now again is) my passion. As a sport, it fed my competitive nature. But on a more personal level it served as something more – an anchor point in my life – a constant I could rely on. No matter what happened, I could always hit the road for the serene calm a run gave me.

As my adult life revved up, I started to give up my running time. And while I didn’t regret it at the time, eventually I realized I wasn’t a runner anymore and the realization was surprisingly depressing. No surprise it happened around my 40th birthday.

So I decided to get back to something that meant the world to me. And I decided to keep a journal of my training like I had when I used to compete. It was my husband’s idea that I start a blog. At the time, I shunned the idea. Always the introvert, I had no interest in sharing my story with strangers.

But soon after I returned to jogging, I was struck by the debilitating pain of plantar fasciitis. Just as I had gotten back my first love, it was taken from me! After research, doctor’s visits, more research, and a lot of rehab, I was able to start running again. And that’s when I decided that I would start this blog and I would tell my story and share what I had learned about how to keep running — into and through middle age and beyond. And if I could help some other people out along the way, all the better!

So, to all of you every day walkers, occassional joggers, disciplined runners and competing racers, I give you this: my journey to keeping my feet happy, so I could keep my soul shining!

Have a blessed day!



Her Happy Feet